Kate Hasted is a British textile artist and designer based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Her work focuses on printed textiles with a specialism in water based marbling techniques. 

Kate's work investigates the balance of pattern, colour and shapes as they materialise and transform on the surface of water. Through extensive sampling and experimentation of colour, over printing and sometimes digital design she seeks to create striking and beautiful accessories for fashion and the home. Kate is Inspired by working with the fluidity of marbling and the challenges this medium brings. Finished artworks result in beautifully formed abstract organic curved patterns infused with colour and movement. 


Background:Arts and Creative:

Kate has over twenty years experience in creating designs and artworks for a diverse range of clients. For fourteen years she created textile collections for top fashion houses in New York, selling for inspiration and within final collections. In 2011 Kate created her own label, designing and making silk scarves, silk jewellery, cushions and artworks. Kate has exhibited her work in galleries and shows throughout the UK including the National Centre for Craft and Design, The Hepworth Gallery and MADE events to name a few.


In 2015 and 2016 Kate was invited to exhibit and demonstrate at the Hankyu British events in Osaka and had seen her work shown across multiple department stores in Japan.  She has worked with prestigious clients such as The Guildhall Art Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, who in 2016 commissioned Kate to create jewellery for their Picasso Portraits exhibition shop. Kate is keen to work in collaboration and is able to create artworks to commission where someone has a particular colorway, size or style in mind. Find out about upcoming shows and events here.


Background: Community Arts and Participatory Workshops:

Kate has over fifteen years experience working on creative community projects and participatory arts with adults and children. She has worked with diverse community groups via Adult Education outreach, community projects within Schools and via charities such as Imago, Headway, and The Brain and Spine Foundation. Kate has many years experience working with adults with neurologcal conditions, including acquired head injury, dementia and those who identify as neurodivergent. 

Qualifying as an Arts Counsellor in 2022 in Transpersonal Art Therapy from the Tobias School or Art and Therapy, Kate is passionate about the benefits of the arts and creativity to aid wellbeing and good mental health, beleiving that everyone has innate creative ability and is keen to work with clients and groups to explore this. 

From 2021 - 2023 Kate co-run and developed the Dandelion Cafe for older adults, and continues to develop and grow the Bridges Creative Cafe, both held in Edenbridge in Kent. If you are interested to find out more or would like to talk to Kate about running a workshop, please get in touch via the contact page.